Absentee Landlords

There are many Cities and Towns dealing with properties owned by out-of-state property speculators (absentee landlords) that have purchased commercial buildings and have left them vacant for years and not invested in repairs or redevelopment. Towns like Florence are constantly doing battle with the owners over upkeep of the commercial building exteriors, paint, broken windows, […]

Fixing up the Town

Commercial property owners can have half the cost of improving their facades covered up to $7,000, and half of a new sprinkler system paid for up to $15,000, by grants from the town’s new Redevelopment Area Improvement Program https://www.pinalcentral.com/florence_reminder_blade_tribune/news/florence-offering-business-owners-grants-for-facades-sprinklers/article_1d8164d6-d642-5019-a02c-ebc3b74c3b20.html?fbclid=IwAR19tHILPyEGvzhPNdHoLC4zqmpayApcB1tp5WlajGllvO-uAZ84QSoL8pM