Florence making National News!

I hope that all of our members have caught at least one of the news stories in the past couple weeks regarding one of our newest businesses Old West Homebrew Saloon!

An autistic teenager and his mother reached out on Social Media after having a tough time dealing with the COVID shutdown and it was answered by the owner of the Saloon here in Florence! She told them about their business and the Autism certification push here in Florence and invited them down.


The story has reached three television channels in Phoenix and was just picked up INTERNATIONALLY by www.theepochtimes.com who is currently interviewing the players and will have a story out soon! Due to all the attention the story has received and all the connections being made, the Chamber is partnering with Old West Homebrew Saloon to plan the “Ability Fair” on October 16. A Festival of celebration, communication, and networking for those with Autism.

This is in parallel with our efforts to certify the businesses of Florence to better serve individuals with autism and other cognitive disorders.
Reach out to the Chamber to find out how your business can participate!
Thank you to all those that came out to celebrate the First Thursday Mixer and Ribbon cutting at Future Forward Foundation. We are close to 50 show up for our first in person mixer in months to celebrate one of Florence’s favorite non-profits! If you missed the mixer, please check out all that 3F is doing <<here>>. Thank you to Pinal County Supervisors Cavanaugh, and McClure for attending and helping us celebrate!

Please remember that for those looking to be a part of great things going on in other ways, there are many great service organizations growing and thriving in Florence leading the way. Rotary Club, Lion’s International, Knights of Columbus, JustServe and Freemasonry all have active chapters currently accepting members!
Get out and serve Florence now!


Executive Director
Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce