Ringo Canyon Granite

Hi, we’re Ringo Canyon Granite LLC or www.azlandscapingsupplies.com.  We provide a large range of rock and stone products for all types of construction. If you’re looking at a new landscaping plan and need top quality landscaping rock, or need to source construction materials for a large construction project, or just want top quality stone for your business, call us.

Our biggest priority is delivering top quality products for our clients. Our locally quarried stone products are processed to the highest standards. All products are strictly compliant with building standards and industry practice for safety and quality.

We provide a full suite of construction stone, landscaping stone, granite mulch, and other products. If you’re trying to find the best price on Rip Rap, Track Out, or solid stone for your project, just contact us and let us assist you.

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4650 N. Kain Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85705 

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