Kiss the Chef Catering LLC.

Kiss the Chef Catering provides an authentic, personalized and worry-free catering experience that will set your event apart from the rest. You can trust Executive Chef and Owner Ed Farmer to create the menu of your dreams, and know that each dish is prepared with loving pride and the utmost attention to detail. We strive to make each event tailored to fit the needs of your tastes and vision. If you want to give your guests a lasting impression of your special day, trust Kiss the Chef. As one reviewer wrote in Stark Insider magazine, “After sampling Chef Ed Farmer’s surprisingly sophisticated, Michelin-caliber food, forget kissing the chef…I’d even consider marrying him!”

Chef Ed’s distinctive cooking style is a fusion of down-home, Southern, family-inspired fun and food, combined with over 14 years of professional culinary expertise across multiple dynamic urban scenes like New York, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, and Tucson. Each experience provided extensive opportunities to explore new tastes and flavors, and to work with varied clientele across diverse backgrounds. Rest assured that Kiss the Chef brings to your table the same passion and delicious cuisine expected of us for more than a decade.

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