Big news from the State this week

Governor’s Executive Order  
The latest Executive Order announced several updates to the state’s COVID-19 measures.  

The state has seen: 10 weeks of declining cases

Hospitalizations at the lowest levels since October 2020

Opening of vaccine appointments to all Arizonans of all age groups

Mass distribution of the vaccine  

Under the changes it was announced that:  events with 50 people or more will no longer need the approval of local governments. 

The business guidance will transition from requirements to recommendations, but businesses retain the ability to continue requiring masks, social distancing, and other requirements, should they choose. 

Bars have been able to operate as “dine-in”, but they will be able to resume regular operations, should they choose. Local mask mandates will be phased out. Mask usage is still encouraged, especially in groups that are not vaccinated.   

Please remember that for those looking to be a part of great things going on in other ways, there are many great service organizations growing and thriving in Florence leading the way. Rotary, Lion’s International, Knights of Columbus, and Freemasonry all have active chapters currently accepting members! Get out and serve Florence now!

Executive Director Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce