Sato Soaps

We’re Sato Soaps and we’ve been providing the best All-Natural, handcrafted personal care products here in Arizona since 2020.

We believe that everything we need to nourish and moisturize our skin doesnt have to have any harmful chemicals that is not only hurting our health but also our environment. We are making a change by staying true by making an effective  “All-Natural” products that also support our environment by not using any single use plastic.

I started this business because of my own personal experience. I tried everything in the store and nothing works and it only makes things worse. Only to find out that evrything in the market has loads of chemicals in it. I started making my own products and now my skin is healthier than ever. I get to share that now with thousands of satisfied customers. I specifically made Goats-milk soap bars that are highly moisturizing and nourishing and for long term skin care goals. 

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AirMedCare Network

More and more, insurance fails to cover the full cost of a medical emergency, leaving families with out-of-pocket expenses they didn’t expect.

Our 3 million+ AirMedCare Network members can take comfort in the knowledge that, should they experience a medical emergency, there will be no out-of-pocket expenses if flown by an AMCN provider.

Secure financial peace of mind for you and your family today with an AMCN membership.

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Integrity Hospice Care

Integrity Hospice Care was founded on the belief that all individuals deserve the right to receive dignified care in the comfort of their home or residence and support in the final phase of one’s life. This precious time should not be overshadowed by restrictions that prevent those who need help accessing it. While all hospices are regulated in the same manner, not all hospices are alike.

Integrity Hospice Care is owned by a husband and wife team and they pride themselves with working hard to provide a team that will treat each and every person as if they are family.

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6877 S. Kings Ranch Rd. Ste #1
Gold Canyon, AZ 85118 


480-426-0255 (Main)

Follow The Plan Wellness

Results you won’t get anywhere else!

I’m passionate about health and wellness and a lover of pickleball, my dog and of course, my hubby.

I’ve partnered with a wellness company called Isagenix to help clients create a healthy lifestyle and nutritional balance, especially minerals. I can help with toxicity, gut health and fat loss while building lean muscle, better sleep and more energy! Are you ready for a better quality of life?

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541-206-3830 (Main)

Empower Physical Therapy

Empowering patients to get back to life is the motto that Empower Physical therapy lives by every day. From the Doctors of Physical Therapy to the office staff, the number one goal is on our patients’ physical and occupational therapy goals. Every day our team strives to deliver the best care to all of our patients from the elite professional athlete getting back on the court after a knee surgery to the winter golf warrior healing from an elbow injury. We put you first by developing a treatment plan that is based on scientific evidence and delivered by people who are at the top of their field. We also take your schedule to heart and schedule visits around what times and days work best for you! Additionally, we work closely with your insurance company to make sure your visits are affordable and that you are never overcharged.
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350 S. Main St., P.O. Box 1431
Florence, AZ 85132 


(520) 868-0098