Florence True Value Hardware

Small Town Hardware Store with Fully Stocked Shelves and a Huge Personality!
In 1991, Russ and Cheryl Woodmansee purchased the 1915 corner
building from Kay and Celeste Mandell. With minimal funds they converted
it to a hardware store. During their initial days, they used a push button
register and hand-written statements. Eight years later, they acquired the
7,000sqft attached south building (section at the main entrance) where they
began the badly needed restoration. New cement floors were poured. New
electrical & plumbing were installed. The saggy ceiling was lifted 12” with
jacks. New offices, lunchroom and restrooms were built. Most importantly…
ALL renovations were done in-house, without contractors. A total of
five years was spent remodeling the current hardware store.
In 2004, they took on another project, renovating the original 1915 Mandell
Building. They began by opening three access points, which meant they cut
holes in the brick wall to allow interior traffic. Again, new cement floors
were poured, new electrical and bathrooms.
Although, the main construction has been completed, minor details are
always being hammered out. Russ and Cheryl have spent nearly a
quarter of a century working side-by-side making Florence True Value
Hardware a fun environment to work and a wonderful destination for
customers. Today, they still run the day-to-day operations of their business!

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290 N. Main Street
Florence, AZ 85132 

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(520) 868-0410


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